What to wear to a spring wedding for men, from suits to separates

Springtime is a perfect opportunity to attend a wedding, and men gearing up for the event will want to dress to impress. With warmer weather and a more relaxed atmosphere, we can expect a variety of three-piece suits, separates, and accessories to dominate the season's tailoring trends. In this blog, we'll explore how to choose the best outfit that reflects both style and seasonal needs.
For those who prefer contemporary suits, we can expect to see a trend in lightweight fabrics to ensure comfort in warm temperatures. Breathable materials such as cotton and wool blends are perfect for a spring wedding. They will help you stay cool and maintain a refined look throughout the festivities.
Another popular trend we can expect to see this Spring is a focus on separating the jacket and trousers. This approach allows for greater mixing and matching possibilities, and it's perfect for those looking to stand out. For the groom, a bold-coloured jacket like our Bradshaw can be paired with neutral trousers or vice versa. For the guests, a monochromatic ensemble might be the way to go. The key is to play with combinations that fully represent your personality.
Spring wedding fashion also lends itself well to less formal events. While tailoring will still be essential, there will be more opportunities to wear more relaxed pieces like a tweed blazer with chinos. These options allow for more room to express your style while still being sophisticated.
Accessories are essential to elevating the overall look. Men can pair suits with classic items like a silk tie or bow tie, as well as more creative options like bold-coloured socks, leather shoes, and wristwatches. Accessorising with these pieces helps tie the whole look together cohesively and makes for a seamless ensemble.


In conclusion, Spring weddings offer an opportunity for men to dress both stylishly and comfortably. With trends leaning towards lightweight cotton and wool blend fabrics and mixing and matching options, the sky is the limit in terms of personal expression. Whether you prefer traditional 3-piece suits or more contemporary separates, adding accessories to complete the look helps to elevate the whole outfit. So, follow these tips, and you'll undoubtedly make an impression at the next Spring wedding!

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