How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit

The perfect suit for the ‘I DOs’ 

For many when they hear the word ‘wedding’ images of a bride are immediately conjured. What will her dress be like? Her hair? The flowers? So many questions and much pressure and attention for the bride and the bridal party. For ladies attending there’s also so much thought which goes into what they will wear. Heels? Hat? Fascinator? Which handbag? Of course, everyone just wants to look their best. But what about you gents? The pressure can also be momentous for you too. Groom? Best man? Groomsmen? Guest? WHAT SUIT TO WEAR??There can be just as many daunting thoughts and questions around the suit!

What should a groom or the groomsmen wear? How much do wedding suits cost? How do I choose a suit for a wedding? What suit can I wear to a wedding? These are just some initial questions which may be brewing. Need a little help? Read on for some top tips on how to get the perfect suit for the big day. 

What Suits You?

Take some time to think about what you prefer and what suits you in terms of fit and style. Slim fit suits do tend to be one of the more flattering fits. In addition, consider the sorts of materials and fabrics that would be most comfortable and meet your design requirements. Is it a summer or winter wedding? This is key in terms of what material would work best for the day. 

Another key question to ask is what type of men’s suits are in style? Tailored suits are more popular nowadays, offering an extremely sharp and tailored silhouette, with an endless amount of design and styles, to fit any wedding style and colour theme. Three-piece suits are becoming a firm favourite when it comes to wedding suits; perfectly fitted tailored trousers and jacket, with a matching waistcoat offers an incredibly stylish look, and is great for versatility, keeping a smart look even when the jacket is removed. 

What Size To Order?

Suit sizing can sometimes seem like a bit of a minefield. How do you order a suit for a wedding? If you’re ordering a suit for a wedding online, simply grab a tape measure and a good friend to help obtain your correct measurements. Refer to a good size guide to make sure you get the suit that’s going to be the best fit for you. Generally, with a slim fit suit, if it’s your first time purchasing, we’d suggest going up a size for a more comfortable fit. Slim fit suits offer a narrow fit and are precisely cut for a pin-sharp silhouette. They fit slim through the shoulders, chest, arms, and thighs, with the jacket and waistcoat fitted through the waist. The trousers fall neat through the seam and taper towards the ankle, skimming the top of the shoe. 

Remember you can always have your suit altered to get a perfect fit if it needs a little tweaking. Hems can be taken in, waists, inner leg seams and sleeves can be nipped in and sometimes lengthened.

Picking the right colour suit?

When deciding on the colour of your suit there are many various aspects to consider. If you’re the groom, you need to be considerate if there is a colour theme,  ensure the colour of your suit works with the theme - colours which clash is a big no no. It’s likely lots of pictures will be taken on the day, not to mention videos, so colours need to work in harmony. Also consider what colours suit you best and complement your skin tone. This can be applied to shirts and ties as well as your suit. Also, do you have set colours that you maybe wear to work? You may want to steer clear of these and focus on something that feels special for the big day.

How much should a wedding suit cost?

A suit for a wedding should always be affordable. Be sure to set a budget but try and be mindful of allowing this budget to afford you some longevity. As well as making you feel and look good, a well-made, quality,  tailored suit has the potential to last you beyond a day! A three-piece suit can be extremely versatile, teaming the jacket and/or waistcoat with jeans or chinos for a more casual look, or wearing the trousers to another special event could be an option for you and justify a little more in the budget. If the suit in question can double up and be used as staple pieces for other special occasions following a wedding - maybe the races or awards ceremony, the little extra investment could be deemed more worthwhile.

We hope these top tips have helped give a clearer steer on which suit is best for a wedding and how to pick the perfect wedding suit for you. Ultimately quality, fit and colour are key. 

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