Introducing the Holmfield Heritage Collection

Holmfield Heritage

The Tom Percy Debut Collection

We’re extremely excited to introduce you to the 'Holmfield Heritage Collection' our very first own brand, debuting four premium quality, British tailored men's suits. The collection pays tribute to Calderdale in the Yorkshire Dales, part of the beautiful South Pennines area of river valleys, moorland, and hill country, the birthplace of the brand founder and the location of the mill from which the Tom Percy brand was realised; Holmfield Mills, formerly known as Smith Bulmers whose origins date from pre-Victorian times - originally built by local entrepreneurs for weaving and worsted spinning.

Each suit in the collection is specially named after a different iconic local place or landmark, but what they share is the unmistakable look and feel of Tom Percy tailoring. From the sleek lines of their slim-fit cut to the natural comfort of our carefully selected wool tweed and cotton fabrics – everything about these suits says classic understated refinement coupled with a thoroughly modern twist. The kind of tailoring that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

The Shibden:

Shibden Hall is a Grade II* listed historic house located in a public park at Shibden, West Yorkshire, England. The building has been extensively modified from its original design by generations of residents, although its Tudor half-timbered frontage remains its most recognisable feature.

The Shibden Suit: With its distinguished classic look and feel, The Shibden Suit exudes a modern touch bringing the traditional grey and white fleck design up to date and in-line with current trends. The most traditional suit in the collection, the Shibden suit is a bold, statement suit, perfect for a notable occasion.   

The Sowerby:

Sowerby Bridge is situated about 3 miles (4.8 km) from Halifax town centre. It is at the confluence of the River Calder and River Ryburn, and the name Sowerby Bridge references its location as a crossing point over the River Calder to the older settlement at Sowerby

The Sowerby Suit: Paying homage to the River Calder and River Ryburn, The Sowerby is the ultimate blue herringbone suit, with a sleek fluid feel; a perfect confluence of classic and modern design. A staple and a classic, this deep blue suit is perfect for both formal and in-formal occasions. 

The Minster: 

Halifax Minster is a 900 year old Grade 1 church with extremely fine historic furnishings, fascinating history and wonderful stories.

The Minister Suit: The Minister, with its fine and regal aire, incorporates the traditional blue and grey Prince of Wales Check fabric, exuding pure class and sophistication. The ultimate versatile suit, perfect for business or pleasure, day, party or play. 

The Wainhouse:

Located on the south-west side of Halifax, the 253ft Wainhouse Tower was originally commissioned as a chimney for the local dye works by John Edward Wainhouse in the late 19th century. The structure was never used as a working chimney and is now regarded as one of Britain's finest follies.

The Wainhouse Suit: The Wainhouse, uses brown herringbone fabric, to bring a strong, powerful and distinguished element to a classic feeling design. Perfect for special occasions, the Wainhouse is a real stand out staple suit, which is guaranteed to get you noticed, for all of the right reasons. 


The Holmfield Heritage collection is the epitome of understated British elegance and timeless style, the perfect attire for weddings, events and special occasions. Shop the collection here

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